7/5/2018 2:42:39 PM

Peterborough has become a lucky place for lottery players.

Officials with OLG say there have been two winners, who have won big recently.

John Wedlock came forward and cashed in his ticket for the Daily Grand, winning the top prize of $1000 a day for life. John opted for the lump sum prize of $7M. He says he happened to be at the store just before the draw so he bought a ticket, and the following day, upon reading the news that someone in Peterborough had won the top prize, he checked his ticket to find out that it was him.

The 59 year old father of two boys says he couldn't wait to tell his family about the big news, and says it gives them the freedom to take many routes in their life.

And a man from Douro Dummer is a brand new millionaire. Frederick Rogers claimed his prize after winning $1M Maxamillions prize in the June 8th Lotto Max draw. He purchased his ticket in Whitby.

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