6/11/2018 6:22:18 PM

A Norwood man is charged following a sexual assault investigation.

Early yesterday morning, a woman in her 20's told police that while walking in the area of George and Sherbrooke, she was sexually assaulted by the accused.

The 29 year old suspect was found by authorities in a Dalhousie Street parking lot.

Stig-Christen Westrum is charged with sexual assault, and will be in court next month.


A 27 year old Peterborough man is facing a slew of charges after being investigated by police early Friday morning.

Officers say the saw the man driving a vehicle, travelling at a high rate of speed and running a red light in the area of Water and McDonnel Streets, and then shortly after, the same vehicle was spotted by another officer reaching 150km/h in the area of Parkhill and Monaghan Roads.

The suspect vehicle was spotted by police in the driveway of a Maple Crescent home, and two men were found hiding in the bushes.

After chatting with the driver, officers say they could smell alcohol on his breath.

Kevin Kemp is charged with Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Impaired Driving, and Trespassing at night.

He has his licence suspended and vehicle impounded, and will be in court later this month.


A Bethany man has been arrested in connection to a downtown break and enter.

Police say, at around 7pm last night, the suspect went into a Hunter Street West bark through a rear door, and took off with an empty beer keg, and a purse with cash, personal id and a credit card.

He is accused of going to a drug store and used the stolen credit card to purchase a prepaid gift card.

A couple hours later, the suspect was found in the area of Aylmer and Townsend Street where he was charged with break and enter. He is also facing drug charges for being in possession of cocaine and marijuana.

Jesse Armitage was expected in court today.    

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