5/15/2018 6:15:29 AM

The founders of a Special Needs Hockey Team will return to a Peterborough courtroom.

Back in mid-January, Dave and Cathie Tuck, founders of the Peterborough Huskies, faced a judge for in their fraud trial.

The husband and wife are accused of using money donated to the organization for personal use.

Prior to the more than 3-month break in proceedings, videos of the Tucks being interrogated by Detective Constable Keith Calderwood of the Peterborough Police Fraud Unit were made public.

In his interaction with Cathy Tuck, Calderwood explained that he found more than $32,000 had been withdrawn from the team's bank account, which she admitted that they may have used a third of that for personal reasons to keep their heads above water to pay their own bills.

The trial will continue today and tomorrow.    

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